Bad bondage video from Westland

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She is bound with her feet over her head, held tight by the toes and nipples. This farm is the holy grail of bondage. I guess I assumed some that it would hurt from all the stories I had heard. Not realizing her mistake. She squirts everywhere, as punishment she is tied to a table, and he looks great, right up until that blindfold was placed on him.

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Asian bondage breast or female in bondage?

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"Breanna was correct and Helen cums uncontrollably. Then a succession of rapid stinging blows as she cums one more time. In restraints. Later she is suspended. A worthless slave and Breanna knows it."

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Hardtied picture gallery with Pinky!

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Bondage picture gallery with Ava

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"Once shes naked, Avas tied to a chair. Mr. Pogo slips in easy, and Avas shy demeanor evaporates. The girls horny as hell. Her clit is huge as PD forces her to orgasm. Shes sweet afterward, embarrassed at the betrayal of her body, but ready for more."

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"I guess I assumed some that it would hurt from all the stories I had heard. I love it here. You play this game to make her more perfect."

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