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PDs sweet approach at the beginning feels deadly. Sure enough, he steps on her toes then beats them with a cane. Rubbing her pussy on a vibrator hooked to a metal arm, lavender comes the first time. Once shes fully encased in the gibbet, PD bolts a fucking machine and vibrator onto the base. With PD controlling the fuck speed, lavender goes for a ride.

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A favorite at Insex because of her athletic flexible body, Wenona takes intense bondage in a series of complex scenes. Toes tied to thumbs, firelube, copious drool, tickling, and nipple pullers quickly lead to her first orgasm. Inflatable cock, vibrator, and bright red pussy make for one hell of an orgasm, shooting out the cock and squirting all over the floor.

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After Tiara ties her to a ladder, he pulls her legs so far over her head that her ass lifts up. We find that Kitty doesn't wear panties. In doggy and missionary position, then Tiara sits her huge ass and wet pussy, ordering him to get it wet and then sodomizes his ass mercilessly. She will have to start from the beginning again with Tiara. Then an electro-fuck while tied spread. Maybe if she agreed to sleep in his bed, it would end.

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Sasha Sparks, a bigtime bondage model sporting thirty-six double D breasts, gets a one-of-a-kind experience at Hardtied. Thats the most fucked up shit I ever did, she says at the end, laughing. In excellent Insex form, PD ties her tight and stuffs her panties in her cunt, mouth, and you guessed it her ass. Psycho PD surfaces in spades doing a little cigarette play, face-slapping, and trash talking.

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She is coming, Breanna orders her to stand on a wooden crossbeam with her head hanging back Tori swaps between her pussy and ass fucking later Jacqueline begs to cum. There is nothing better than a big boy in chains. Certainly agree and with a red ass as a reminder of the day's training. Breanna is a very willing sex slave that likes to be used for her pleasure. Breanna from now on!

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From torn clothing, to deep throat training, to hard suspension bondage fucking Amber Rayne can take it all but Master Brandon Iron knows how to fuck with the minds of even the toughest submissive's and never lets up. Tit flogging, foot worship and forced orgasms come hard and fast as Amber works for every orgasm she is permitted before begging for Brandon's cum on her face.

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Rusted walls and a hard fucking. Cassandra ties her breasts taut. Cassandra is done a little bondage, but never with the likes of Juliana. Cassandra strapado Juliana says she likes sharp pain as opposed to thudding pain.

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Savanah is used to getting what she wants from men, she's hot, blond, and has huge tits. But today she will learn that not all men are the same. Deep throat training is followed by harsh anal fucking. Savanah begs for her snatch to be fucked, she promises she will behave and please.

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PD wanted his cock sucked and he wanted it done well, so when Elise Graves manages to botch the job there is going to be hell to pay. Unless she can learn to unhinge her jaw Elise is never going to get it right. He hits her so hard she cannot even scream through the pain.